Zero Energy Home
Radiant heat in concrete floors
Sketch of West Eelvation of new home


Stucco over Cempo built home

Scupper and rain chain-Cempo home


ero Energy, LLC offers complete architectural design services, including Autocad and 3D Rendering. Homeowners participate as their dreams become a reality; from idea to paper to home. They are guided step by step through each phase of the project.

The first step is the initial consultation and project programming. We list the needs for each area of development and construct a master plan. In addition clients develop a list of their financial goals.

The next step is the schematic design phase. Zero Energy will provide design sketches, usually hand drawn, which evolve into the design development phase.

The design development phase and construction documents phase provide drawings and a set of specifications for construction. Detailed project cost estimating is available also.

Construction administration is the final phase with regularly scheduled meetings at the jobsite to review the progress of the work being performed.

Zero Energy provides supplemental services such as 3D rendering, model building and other graphic means of communication to assist the client in understanding an idea of design.


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